Backyard Beefcake Athletic
Health and Wellness Done Right - In Your Own Backyard
American Beefcakes,
on average,
spend 90% of their
time indoors.*

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to learn how to move your beef the way it was intended to be used - naturally - in nature.

Backyard Beefcake Fitness

What is Backyard Beefcake Athletic?

Backyard Beefcake Athletic uses the world around us
- both natural and man-made -
to develop a healthy body that functions optimally.

Backyard Beefcake Athletic is not reliant on elaborate equipment or fancy facilities. Backyard Beefcake Athletic training techniques can be used almost anyplace.
Learn movements for use at home or in the yard,
at the park or in the wilderness,
in a hotel room or in an office cubicle.

These activities are scalable in intensity and appropriate for most ages and fitness levels. Most programs focus on bodyweight exercises that develop practical fitness. Backyard Beefcake Athletic provides fitness and nutrition training for both individuals and organizations.

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